Issue 34


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Welcome to Issue 34 of our journal!

Now we are five! Into the second half of the first decade of the twenty-first century and changes are afoot for this periodical. In December 1999, the first issue of Senses of Cinema appeared online and her...

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Great Directors

Clampett, Bob

b. May 8, 1913, San Diego, California, USA d. May 4, 1984, Detroit, Michigan, USA Filmography Select Bibliography Web Resources It Can Happ...

Mekas, Jonas

b. December 24, 1922, Semeniskiai, Lithuania d. January 23, 2019, New York City, United States Filmography Select Bibliography Articles in S...

Rocha, Glauber

b. Glauber de Andrade Rocha b. March 14, 1939, Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil d. August 22, 1981, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Gabe Klinger...

Altman, Robert

b. Robert Bernard Altman b. 20 February 1925, Kansas City, Missouri, USA d. 20 November 2006, Los Angeles, California, USA Filmography Sel...

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Filipino Cinema

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Manila at the Edge of Realism

Mario O'Hara is one of the great contemporary Filipino directors and his 25th feature film Woman of the Breakwater examines contemporary Manila through a community of homeless romantics living alongside Manila Bay.

Dutch Experimental Film

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