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Welcome to Issue 20 of our journal!

Parts of this article are now hosted on the PANDORA archive of the National Library of Australia and Partners. Several key threads make their way through this issue: the theme of nation and identity; of ...

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Great Directors

Roeg, Nicolas

Nicolas Jack Roeg b. August 15, 1928, London, England. d. November 23, 2018, London, England. filmography bibliography articles in Senses ...

Zhang Yimou

b. November 14, 1951, Xi’an, The People’s Republic of China. filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Zhang Yimou is an ...

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CTEQ Annotations on Film

The Wind Will Carry Him: Abbas Kiarostami Remembered

John Flaus Dossier

Documentary - Australia and beyond

A Festschrift for Raymond Durgnat

Tsai Ming-Liang