Issue 19


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Welcome to Issue 19 of our journal!

During a recent film radio show, a well-known local film commentator threw to his listeners an intriguing, provocative question: how on earth did David Lynch convince a bunch of hard-nosed business folk ...

Feature Articles

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Chuck Jones Tribute

From Pepe Le Pew to the Road Runner to Marvin the Martian, Chuck Jones entertained, thrilled and intrigued many generations down the years; Thompson pays tribute to this exceptional animator.
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Josef von Sternberg

A broad account of Sternberg's career followed by a perceptive and engaging discussion of the key themes and philosophy of his cinema, with focus on his rarely seen, last film, The Saga of Anatahan.

Festival Reports

Book Reviews

CTEQ Annotations on Film

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Fellini's Roma (1972 Italy 128mins) 35mm Source: Potential Films Prod. Co: Ultra Films, Les Productions Artistes Associés Exec. Prod: Lamberto ...

Australian Cinema and Culture

David Lynch and Mulholland Drive