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Welcome to Issue 27 of our journal!

Recent months have been marked by two well-publicised controversies around the issue of freedom of speech in Australia. Firstly, there was the appalling decision by the Board of Review and the Office of Fil...

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Material Film

Could Adorno have been right in his belief that cinema was not an art? In this provocative essay, Salas argues for a re-assessment of the concept of the ‘culture industry.’

Festival Reports

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Cannes 2003

This article was originally published in the Boston Phoenix, June 6 2003. Eyes roll back home in Boston when I plead my case: that being a jour...

Great Directors

Maddin, Guy

b. February 28, 1956, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Over the course of a career th...

Nichols, Mike

b. November 6, 1931, Berlin, Germany d. November 19, 2014, New York, New York filmography bibliography web resources Mike Nichols and The B...

Tsui Hark

b. Tsui Man-kwong b. January 2, 1951, French Cochinchina (Vietnam) filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources When it rai...

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CTEQ Annotations on Film

Steven Spielberg

Lost Films

Australian Film Culture