Issue 24


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Welcome to Issue 24 of our journal!

A significant section of this issue is devoted to the year just passed. It's more then a little difficult, and somewhat misleading, to attempt a summary or generalisation about a year in film especially whe...

Feature Articles

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Conrad Hall: A Tribute

The inventive and unconventional Conrad Hall, responsible for the look of such classics as Fat City and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and admired by Cardiff himself, passed away in early January.

Festival Reports

Great Directors

Rohmer, Eric

Jean-Marie Maurice Scherer b. April 4, 1920, Nancy, France d. January 11, 2010, Paris, France filmography bibliography articles in Senses ...

Ulmer, Edgar G.

b. September 17, 1904, Olmütz, Austria-Hungary d. September 30, 1972, Woodland Hills, California, USA filmography bibliography articles in S...

Verhoeven, Paul

b. July 18, 1938, Amsterdam, Netherlands filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Dutch director Paul Verhoeven is seen ...

Book Reviews

Favourite Film Things 2002

Alex Cox

Alfred Hitchcock

Fruit Chan

Australian Cinema

DVD Reviews