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Welcome to issue 43 of our journal!

In a rare 1967 monograph, now long out of print, the Italian director Valerio Zurlini published a poetic account of an evening in the company of the great painter Balthus (Balthazar Klossowski, 1908-2001), ...

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Straub Anti-Straub

Tag Gallagher notes that Pedro Costa describes his film on Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub, Où gît votre sourire enfoui?, as “anti-Straubian”. Gallagher offers a vibrant discussion of Costa’s cinema via the Straubs, and the Straubs’ cinema via Costa’s.

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Great Directors

Lye, Len

b. Leonard Charles Huia Lye b. Christchurch, New Zealand, July 5, 1901 d. Warwick, Rhode Island, May 15, 1980 Filmography Select Bibliograph...

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CTEQ Annotations on Film

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Thief (1981 US 122 mins) Prod Co: Mann/Cann Productions Prod: Jerry Bruckheimer, Ronnie Caan Dir: Michael Mann Scr: Michael Mann, based on the ...

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Spotlight on Robert Bresson

Alfred Hitchcock Revisited

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