Issue 83


Issue 83 Editorial

Welcome to issue 83 of our journal

Welcome to issue 83 of Senses of Cinema, where we feature two exciting dossiers. The first focuses on the present state of cinema studies. “Contemporary Cinema Studies: A Discipline with a Future?” includes int...

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Festival Reports

CPH:DOX 2017

CPH:DOX 2017

Though only in its 14th year, Danish documentary festival CPH:DOX’s profile has continually grown, so much so that the festival now proudly calls itse...

Great Directors

Béla Tarr

Tarr, Béla

21 July, 1955, Pécs, Hungary Béla Tarr insists that his films do not fall into distinctive periods, preferring to identify something akin to a steady...

Book Reviews

CTEQ Annotations on Film

Pioneering Australian Women

Revisiting Budd Boetticher

Contemporary Cinema Studies: A Discipline with a Future?

Two Interviews with Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet