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Welcome to issue 72 of our journal

This issue is dedicated to one of the true legends of Australian screen culture, John Flaus, who turned 80 in April this year. The extensive “tribute” dossier that dominates this edition of Senses of Cinema mar...

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Fuller, Samuel

b. Samuel Michael Fuller, August 12, 1912, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA d. October 30, 1997, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA "It is not nec...

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CTEQ Annotations on Film


Like his compatriot and contemporary Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders has alternated fiction with documentary filmmaking across his long career. Besides the...

Revisiting Budd Boetticher

John Flaus Dossier


John Flaus was a mentor and inspiration for a number of Swinburne Film School students in the ’70s, many of whom went on to have successful careers in...


John Flaus looks like an animated Bert Tucker painting. The voice? It recalls the vocalising of a mallee root if, of course, a mallee root could speak...

By Crikey!

I first saw John Flaus when I was at La Trobe University majoring in Latin American History. I thought he looked like he had just auditioned for Bad S...

The Killers

Originally published in Sydney University Film Group Bulletin no. 50, First Term 1970, pp. 6-7. Republished with the permission of the author. Audien...

The Big Heat

Originally published in CTEQ: Annotations on Film no. 2, 1996, pp. 7-9. It appears here with minor corrections. Republished with the permission of the...

Contemporary Australian Film

Albie Thoms Dossier