Issue 63

Feature Articles


Contents: “Yes, We Must Improve Ourselves”: Damsels in Distress by Peter Tonguette April and August: Moonrise Kingdom by Max Nelson Blood fro...

Festival Reports

Great Directors

Jordan, Neil

b. February 25, 1950, Sligo, Ireland With each successive outing, Neil Jordan–without doubt the most interesting filmmaker to emerge thus far f...

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Contents: Michelle Langford on A Social History of Iranian Cinema: volumes 1 & 2 Daniele Rugo on Les Ècarts du Cinema Justin Owen Rawlins on ...

CTEQ Annotations on Film


The story of Lee Chang-dong’s artistic career is a fascinating one. He started as a novelist before moving to the medium of film in his late thirties,...

2012 MIFF Dossier

Coeur fidèle

I just want to say this: you have to love it and hate it at the same time – and love it as much as you hate it. This fact alone proves that the cinema...

The Blindfold

Garin Nugroho’s Rindu kami padamu (Of Love and Eggs, 2004) is a warmly utopian picture of Indonesian village life that stresses a supportive community...