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He seemed immortal, Chris Marker. For so long the basic empirical data of his life – his name, date and place of birth, his private identity – were all up to rumour, speculation and second-guessing. Mystery...

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Chris Marker Special Dossier: My Letter from Siberia by Murray Pomerance Séance “C.M.” by Gavin Keeney Montage as Resonance: Chris Marker...

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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Peter Lorre: Face Maker Contents: Mary Harrod on Richard Linklater Mike Walsh on The Shadowcatchers: A History of Cinematography in Australia ...

CTEQ Annotations on Film


The gentle piano strains playing over the helicopter shots that open Boris Barnet’s Alyonka (1961) immediately establish its unique mood of intimate l...

Chris Marker Dossier

Key Moments in Australian Cinema