Orson Welles

T For True

Bewildered by false tales circulating about his life, Orson Welles once came to a general conclusion: "I don't think history can possibly be true!" (1) Of course, in the same interview, Welles claimed to ...

Orson Welles – Painter

Citizen Kane, rightly so, owes much of its fame to its deep-focus effects, but Orson Welles’ staging of shots also points to a whole host of pictorial references. Michael Riedlinger’s analysis uncovers Welles’ ‘painterly’ eye for composition.
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The Trial

Le Procès/The Trial/Il Processo/Der Prozess (1962 France/Italy/West Germany/Yugoslavia 118 mins) Source: Level Four Films Prod Co: Paris-Europa Productions/Hisa-Films/FI-C-IT Prod: Michael Salkind, Alexa...
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The Hearts of Age

The Hearts of Age (1934 USA 8 mins @ 18 fps) Source: PC Prod, Phot: William Vance Dir: Orson Welles, William Vance Cast: Orson Welles, Virginia Nicholson, William Vance, Edgerton Paul, Blackie O’Neal ...
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Macbeth (1948 USA 107 mins) Source: Library of Congress Prod Co: Mercury Productions/Republic Pictures Corporation Prod, Dir: Orson Welles Scr: Orson Welles, adapted from the play by William Shakespeare ...