With this issue we farewell one of the mainstays of the journal.  Adrian Danks has been associated with Senses of Cinema longer than any current member of the editorial team. He was there in the early years of the journal’s inception, both as a contributor and soon after as curator of the “CTEQ Annotations on Film”, which began appearing in April 2000. He, along with a few others, was instrumental in forging the association between Senses and the Melbourne Cinémathèquethat exists to this day.

The Melbourne Cinémathèque screens films on a weekly basis and its overall programming is amongst the most astute of any ciné-club, to use an old term.  As a long-standing committee member and programmer, one could not ask for a more ideal person to oversee the Annotations and make them the success they are. In time, and under his sole curatorship, the CTEQ Annotations would become one of the most highly read sections of the journal, with contributors drawn from both local and international writers, whose standard of excellence set a benchmark for film commentary.  For that alone, his contribution to Senses would be outstanding in and of itself.

Yet, there’s more. Supplementing his curatorship of the CTEQ Annotations, Adrian took on the role of editor of Australian Cinema content, most often manifested in astutely themed dossiers on one or other aspect of local film history and culture. No better example of this than the monumental dossier on John Flaus that he single-handedly and painstakingly assembled for our previous issue. Both the subject of the dossier – John Flaus, an actor, critic, scholar, and esteemed figure in our local film culture – and the time consuming, diligent way it was assembled says much about Adrian’s generosity of spirit and his care in documenting for the historical record the legacy of a much admired individual.

The legacy Adrian himself leaves us at Senses is itself unquantifiable in mere words. His tenure at the journal has no doubt helped shape the culture, philosophy and direction of the journal. As so, we wish a fond farewell to our colleague and friend of many years. He will be missed.

Inevitably, with departures come new arrivals. We’re pleased to announce that the editorial team has been bolstered by the recent appointment of Daniel Fairfax, Dan Edwards and Tim O’Farrell. We warmly welcome them aboard and look forward to the many years of collaborative endeavours to come as the journal opens a new chapter.

Best wishes for the festive season to all our contributors and readers.

Rolando Caputo (for the Editorial team)

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