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When writing on the modern figure of the flâneur, Charles Baudelaire’s description sometimes gives this figure of the city-stroller making his way down the boulevards of 19th Century Paris the attributes of a c...

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Fig 4:

Nick’s Movies

Jonathan Rosenbaum recently offered some useful, brief observations on two versions of Nicholas Ray’s last film, a collaboration with Wim Wenders. (1)...

Festival Reports

Great Directors

Bouzid, Nouri

b. 1945, Sfax, Tunisia Nouri Bouzid is Tunisia’s most prominent and prolific filmmaker. In a small nation, with limited production opportunities, Bou...

Book Reviews

Orson Welles

T For True

Bewildered by false tales circulating about his life, Orson Welles once came to a general conclusion: "I don't think history can possibly be tru...

CTEQ Annotations on Film