‘Little Pieces of Infinity’: Hiraki Sawa’s O

London based video artist Hiraki Sawa’s latest screen installation O represents, according to Wendy Haslem, “an extension of early cinematic experiments with chronophotography into the digital age”. Haslem explores the myriad of temporal and spatial dynamics that inform his rich and sublime work.
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L’Atalante (1934 France 89 mins) Prod Co: Gaumont-Franco-Film-Aubert Prod: Jacques-Louis Nounez Dir: Jean Vigo Scr: Jean Vigo, Albert Rièra, from the scenario by Jean Guinèe Phot: Boris Kaufman, Louis B...
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Sorry, Wrong Number

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948 USA 89 mins) Source: NFVLS Prod Co: Hal Wallis Productions/Paramount Prod: Hal Wallis, Anatole Litvak Dir: Anatole Litvak Scr: Lucille Fletcher, based on her own play Phot: Sol ...

Deren, Maya

Eleanora Derenkowsky b. April 29, 1917, Kiev, Ukraine d. October 13, 1961, New York, New York, USA filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Maya Deren: The High Priestess of Experi...