Fellini’s Memory: Amarcord

“I’m a liar, but an honest one. People reproach me for not always telling the same story in the same way. But this happens because I’ve invented the whole tale from the start and it seems boring to me and unkin...

Huston, John

b. 5 August 1906, Nevada, Missouri, U.S, d. 28 August 1987, Middletown, Rhode Island, U.S. John Huston, the American director, writer and actor, was prolific, various and uneven. As a director, he worked in...
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Loose Ends in Night Moves

Essentially a film about failure, Arthur Penn’s 1975 film comes closest to best capturing the haunting malaise that descended on post-Watergate America. Bruce Jackson takes a fresh look at a detective film without ultimate answers.
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Conversations with Emile de Antonio

An exemplary, early prototype of political documentary filmmaking, de Antonio's body of work is as vital today as it was in the past. Here, we are given insight into his views on filmmaking; the manner in which de Antonio funded his politically sensitive films; opponents and facilitators; and much, much more.