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At Senses we have recently been busy with a new project, which you may have already heard about. The team at Senses of Cinema has recently launched our very first Pozible campaign. For those of you who don’t know Pozible, it is an online crowd funding website where people and groups with a whole range of worthy and interesting ideas post projects that require financial support.

Senses chose this site for our campaign as we think it’s the best way to connect with our readers, contributors and supporters.

1. Why Senses is a worthy project

Since our inception in 1999 with a declared devotion to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema, Senses of Cinema has become one of the most visited and highly regarded online film journal in the world.

2. Why Senses is interesting

Rich with reading matter for critics, writers, filmmakers, students, academics and dedicated cinephiles, each issue brings a fresh selection of feature articles, festival reports, book reviews and accompanying special dossiers. Ongoing additions to the Great Directors database and the 59 issue strong archive highlight Senses’ position as an invaluable film resource.

3. Why we need financial support
With diminishing government funding available for ventures such as Senses, we are forced to look elsewhere for income sources to continue to exist in the way we have. It has been a guiding principle for Senses to be accessible to everyone and there has never been any charge for subscription. This is something that Senses aims to maintain.

So – How can you help?

Visit our campaign page to support us in our crowdfunding campaign http://bit.ly/supportsenses

The way Pozible works is that we get 60 days to reach our target of $15,000. However, if we don’t reach our target, pledges are not processed, and we lose the lot. So please help us reach our target. In fact, we’re hoping to exceed it. The more we raise, the more secure we’ll feel.

And – it’s not all one way! To motivate, encourage and show our gratitude we have sourced some really great gifts in the form of DVDs, books and subscriptions from some very supportive companies and organisations.

Please do take a look at the site, and enjoy Issue 60!

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