John Cassavetes (1929 – 1989)

Shadows (first version 1958, second version 1959)

Johnny Staccato episodes: ‘Murder for Credit’ (1959), ‘Evil’ (1959), ‘A Piece of Paradise’ (1959), ‘Night of Jeopardy’ (1959), ‘Solomon’ (1960)

Too Late Blues (1961)

A Child Is Waiting (1962)

The Lloyd Bridges Show episodes: ‘A Pair of Boots’ (1962), ‘My Daddy Can Lick Your Daddy’ (1962)

Faces (1968)

Husbands (1970)

Minnie And Moskowitz (1971)

Columbo: Etude In Black (1972, co-director, uncredited)

Mikey And Nicky (filmed 1973, released 1976, Cassavetes directed a few second unit shots, uncredited)

A Woman Under The Influence (1974)

The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie (1976, reedited 1978)

Opening Night (1977)

Debbie Harry In Concert (1977)

Gloria (1980)

Unsung Heroes (1980, film of a theatre piece)

Love Streams (1984)

Big Trouble (1985)

The Columbo episode was credited to Nicholas Colosanto, a real director (and actor – he played Tommy Como in Raging Bull) who was supposed to direct, but was taken ill: Cassavetes and Peter Falk decided to co-direct the episode, so long as the credit (and director’s fee) went to their friend Nick. This has given rise to the ‘rumour’ that ‘Nick Colosanto’ is a pseudonym for Cassavetes, and that anything credited to Colosanto (such as an episode of Shaft in 1973 and the other Columbo episodes) is really Cassavetes’ work. However, this is incorrect.

The Debbie Harry concert film has never been released, but clips from it can be found in certain documentaries about Blondie.

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