Welcome to the 11th Senses of Cinema World Poll.

Unlike most other end of year polls, this one does not result in an aggregated “top 10 of the year” list. That is not the point of the poll. Rather, we wish to present a snapshot of the favourite films of Senses readers, contributors and friends (mostly international programmers, critics, filmmakers and cinephiles).

Yes the parameters may be looser – we encourage submissions of older films, for example, firmly believing that such viewing keeps cinephilia alive and is always in dialogue with contemporary film viewing. Perhaps occasionally things may seem almost chaotic. But this reflects the heterogeneity of international film-going.

Lastly, while many lists reflect what was released in cinemas through official distribution channels, it is exciting to see lists from all over the world that resonate strongly with the cinephile’s innate hunger for discovery. Many entries continue to include works seen on TV or the Internet. And a more open embrace of these aesthetic tendencies spills over into some of the films themselves, not the least in the multi-textural and allusive Adieu au langage by Jean-Luc Godard, perhaps the film that appears the most times in the Poll.

Massive thanks to our compiler-proofers Aleena Glentis, Kiri Sullivan, Jessica Balanzategui, James Sabine and Daniel Fairfax, for dedicating their time to this monumental task over the Christmas break. And our ever-amazing webmaster Rachel Brown for getting the whole thing up.

Enjoy the lists!

– Michelle Carey



PART 1 >>

Antti Alanen
Francisco Algarín Navarro
Michael J. Anderson
Geoff Andrew
Martyn Bamber
Lynden Barber
Michael Bartlett
Nicolas Bartlett
Conor Bateman
Gustavo Beck
Sean Bell
Pamela Biénzobas
Yvette Biro
Mimi Brody
Thomas Caldwell
Michael Campi
Michelle Carey
Nicolás Carrasco
Michael J. Casey
Celluloid Liberation Front
Carlo Chatrian
Lesley Chow
John Conomos
Adam Cook
Kieron Corliss
Jesús Cortés
Al Cossar
Aaron Cutler

PART 2 >>

Toni D’Angela
Michael Da Silva
Fergus Daly
Adrian Danks
Dustin Dasig
Mónica Delgado
Wheeler Winston Dixon
Patrick Dorner
Marie-Pierre Duhamel
Vassilis Economou
Russell Edwards
William Edwards
Ted Fendt
Donal Foreman
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
Jean-Michel Frodon
Cynthia Fuchs
Hugo Gamarra
Geoffrey Gardner
Andrew Gilbert
Antony I. Ginnane
Leo Goldsmith
Carmen Gray
Robert Greene
Victor Guimarães

PART 3 >>

Lucas Hammer
Michael Helms
Alain Hertay
Lee Hill
Wai Ho
Joshua Hoffmann
Alexander Horwath
Peter Hourigan
Brian Hu
Christoph Huber
Zachary Ingle
Tara Judah
Dominik Kamalzadeh
Daniel Kasman
Simon Killen
Rainer Knepperges
Robert Koehler
Bogna Konior
Jay Kuehner
Adam Kuntavanish
Samuel La France
Eugenia Lai
Marc Lauria
Kevin B. Lee
Dennis Lim
Dana Linssen

PART 4 >>

Josh Mabe
Miguel Marías
Duncan McLean
David Melville
Adrian Mendizabal
Nina Menkes
Peter Meredith
Mads Mikkelson
David Miller
Olaf Möller
Brent Morrow
Oona Mosna
Jorge Mourinha
V.A. Musetto
Peter Nagels
James Naremore
Boris Nelepo
Ben R. Nicholson
SvenErik Olsen
Darragh O’Donoghue
Michael Pattison
Yoana  Pavlova
Antoni Peris
Alex Ross Perry
Andréa Picard
Mehdi Pilehvarian
Jit Phokaew

PART 5 >>

Fidel Jésus Quirós
Robert Reimer
Bérénice Reynaud
Stuart Richards
Jeremy Rigsby
Peter Rist
Eloise Ross
Julian Ross
Miriam Ross
Dan Sallitt
Maria San Filippo
José Sarmiento
Regina Schlagnitweit
Daniel Schmidt
Howard Schumann
Pedro Emilio Segura Bernal
Christopher Sikich
Mark Spratt
Brad Stevens
Isabel Stevens
Clint Stivers
Bee Thiam Tan
Antoine Thirion
Gorazd Trunšnovec
Koen Van Daele
Tom Vincent
David Walsh
Virginia Wright Wexman
Deane Willams
Barbara Wurm
Neil Young
Alexandra Zawia

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