Chris Marker Special Dossier:

My Letter from Siberia by Murray Pomerance

Séance “C.M.” by Gavin Keeney

Montage as Resonance: Chris Marker and the Dialectical Image by Daniel Fairfax

Chris Marker: Film as Geopolitical Enlightenment by Nick Shimmin

Statues Also Die, or Schroedinger’s Black Cat by Daniel Vilensky

The Cats in the Hats Come Back; or “at least they’ll see the cats”: Pussycat Poetics and the Work of Chris Marker by Adrian Danks


Other Features:

Kubrick Creator: Alchemy in Stanley Kubrick’s Films by Rutger H. Cornets de Groot

Yes, we were utopians; in a way, I still am…”: interview with Jean-Louis Comolli (Part 2) by Daniel Fairfax

Claude Sautet: Purity and Invention by A. Jay Adler

Chance and Choice, Biology and Theology in Alexander Payne’s Election by Lesley Brill

The Corpse is in Australia, or The Cinematic Death of White Supremacy by Thomas A. Foster

Invested in Expression or in Its Destruction?: The Politics of Space and Representation in Chantal Akerman’s Cinema by Zain Jamshaid

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