Film & History Conference Papers

Telling Stories: Cinema, History and Experience

Editors: Adrian Danks, Constantine Verevis, Deb Verhoeven, Deane Williams

Editorial Board: Ina Bertrand, Russell Campbell, Ross Gibson, Ben Goldsmith, Tim Groves, David Hanan, Jeanette Hoorn, Michelle Langford, Pat Laughren, Gabrielle Murray, Belinda Smaill, Mike Walsh, Audrey Yue

The following nine articles make up a sample of papers that will be presented at The XIIIth Biennial Conference of the Film & History Association of Australia and New Zealand (FHAANZ) in Melbourne, November 16-19, 2006. The Film and History Conference – jointly presented this year by the Department of Visual Culture, Monash University and The School of Applied Communication, RMIT University – is held every two years and is an opportunity for international film scholars, archivists, and filmmakers to present their thoughts on recent debates and events in the fields of: film history, national and trans-national cinemas, film theory, film practice and the importance of cinema to specific communities. More specifically, the papers published here address the four main themes of the 2006 conference: Historical Film Theory and Criticism; Film, Memory and Allusion; The Social Experience of Cinema-going; and The Junction of Television and Film.