Happy new year all and welcome to the Senses of Cinema World Poll.

The end of a year can make one a little list-fatigued, so consider this one more a cinephilic kickstart to the new year.

Our 12th Senses of Cinema World Poll is a loose, open affair, and our largest ever. It’s not intended to be a list of 2015’s best films but a snapshot of the favourite films and film-related events of Senses readers, contributors and friends (mostly international programmers, critics, filmmakers) from all over the world. It is also different in that it accepts, indeed encourages, older titles seen in 2015 to be included. We are interested in the messy, open-minded way people watch films and what they love – how a Hollywood film or Japanese masterpiece from the 1930s can be viewed next to an avant garde work from 2015.

Thank you to Aleena Glentis, Jessica Balanzategui, Kiri Sullivan, Felicity Ford, Joanna Batsakis and Daniel Fairfax for their help in compiling, editing and formatting these 141 entries, and to Andréas Giannopoulos and webmaster Rachel Brown for getting them up over the holiday period.

This poll is dedicated to the memory of Danish Film Programmer Thure Munkholm, a previous poll contributor and dear friend of the journal (and of many of our contributors). Thure was an ardent cinephile, open to all films and to how they could be programmed. It deeply saddens me to think we will never again share our batty “programming ideas” lists at the beginning of each Rotterdam film festival.

Enjoy the lists!

– Michelle Carey



PART 1 >>

Francisco Algarín Navarro
Michael J. Anderson
Geoff Andrew
Rowena Santos Aquino
Miriam Bale
Martyn Bamber
Mike Bartlett
Raphaël Bassan
Conor Bateman
Gustavo Beck
Sean Bell
Yoni Bentovim
Pamela Biénzobas
Lisa K. Broad
Mimi Brody
Thomas Caldwell
Michael Campi
Michelle Carey
Nicolás Carrasco
Michael J. Casey
Celluloid Liberation Front
Daryl Chin
Lesley Chow
Adam Cook
Al Cossar
Jordan Cronk
Aaron Cutler

PART 2 >>

Michael Da Silva
Fergus Daly
Adrian Danks
Dustin Dasig
Henri de Corinth
Monica Delgado
Wheeler Winston Dixon
Gerónimo Elortegui
Jeremy Elphick
Miguel Faus
Ted Fendt
Nate Fisher
Felicity  Ford
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
Jean-Michel Frodon
Blanca García
Stephen Gaunson
Flora Georgiou
John Gianvito
Antony I. Ginnane
Leo Goldsmith
Natalie   Gravenor
Carmen Gray
Jaime Grijalba
Victor Guimarães
Evgeny Gusyatinskiy

PART 3 >>

Avi Hanner
Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
Michael Helms
Alain Hertay
Wai Ho
Peter Hourigan
Cerise Howard
Brian Hu
Felix Hubble
Christoph Huber
Darren Hughes
Zachary Ingle
Darik Janik
Tara Judah
Dominik Kamalzadeh
Daniel Kasman
Christopher Kearney
Ehsan Khoshbakht
Simon Killen
Nelson Kim
Rainer Knepperges
Bogna M. Konior
Jay Kuehner
Adam Kuntavanish
Samuel La France
Eugenia Lai
James Lattimer
Marc Lauria
Elaine Lennon
Dennis Lim
Paola Lorenzi

PART 4 >>

Josh Mabe
Helen Macallan
Miguel Marías
Dmitry Martov
Neil McGlone
Duncan McLean
Adrian Mendizabal
Mads Mikkelsen
David Miller
Olaf Möller
Brent Morrow
Oona Mosna
Jorge Mourinha
Boris Nelepo
Ben R. Nicholson
Andy Norton
Darragh O’Donoghue
Nicholas Page
George Papadopoulos
Yoana Pavlova
Antoni Peris
Alex Ross Perry
Jit Phokaew
Adam Powell

PART 5 >>

Fidel Jesús Quirós
Bérénice Reynaud
Stuart Richards
Jeremy Rigsby
Peter Rist
Eloise Ross
Julian Ross
André Roy
Dan Sallitt
Maria San Filippo
Yianna Sarri
Christine Sathiah
Daniel Schmidt
Howard Schumann
Nick Shimmin
Christopher Sikich
Mark Spratt
Brad Stevens
Clint Stivers
David Stratton
Bee Thiam Tan
Gorazd Trušnovec
Mustafa Uzuner
Donatella Valente
Koen Van Daele
Kaj van Zoelen
Tom Vincent
Ben Volchok
Katie Wackett
David Walsh
Virginia Wright Wexman
Jason Wierzba
Barbara Wurm
Neil Young
Alexandra Zawia


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