It’s our favourite time of year when the World Poll rolls around, and the 2018 edition is no exception. There is something intensely gratifying in getting such a wide-reaching snapshot of the year in film. Our relationships with the moving image is so varied, and our contributors typify that breadth of experience. From my own experience, 2018 was year where physically getting myself to a cinema proved increasingly difficult: gone are the days of a sitting down to long stretches in the cinema, watching films back to back to back. So on a personal level, just diving into the experiences of those contributors who have spent time at Cannes or Karlovy Vary or Ritrovato or the Berlinale is giving me both a stack of titles I must seek out, and serious, overwhelming life envy.

There’s some wonderful pieces of writing in here to enjoy along with the lists, and sharing in the moments in people’s film year which resonated with them is one of the great pleasures of the World Poll. Look to Jason Wierzba’s wonderful shout-out to the Monograph screening in Alberta, Canada as one great example, or Adrian Danks’ discussion of his film travels, from Bologna to Bendigo and the treasures he found there. One of the other great things about the contributions we receive is the way people think about their year, and organise their experiences. Just compare, for example, Samantha Broadhead’s excellent horror list with Tara Lomax’s equally tremendous superhero franchise assessment, and then line them up against Fernando Chaves Espinach’s analysis of the year in Central American Cinema. How wonderful to have the breadth and depth of world cinema represented across the poll so expertly. Titles as diverse as Capernaum (Nadine Labaki, 2018), The Grand Bizarre (Jodie Mack, 2018), Killing Eve (Phoebe-Waller Bridge, 2018) and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Peter Ramsey, Robert Persichetti Jr., and Rodney Rothman, 2018) just show how wide we cast our screen net, and that this breadth is so gloriously on display across the World Poll is something for which we can all be proud.

So, you know the drill. Dive in where you wish – work through them sequentially or pick and choose at will. People track their viewing in all sorts of ways, so if you’re operating a spreadsheet or a diary, start noting down the films that leap out at you; if you have a Letterboxd account, start adding titles to your watchlist. Watch out for the trends and the obscurities – both are equally valuable. I would like to give enormous thanks to our trusty interns who helped proof-read and format all of these – over 160 – entries. So thanks to Lachlan Wyness, Jarryd Brand, Maudie Osborne and Trang Pham for their tireless work and enormous assistance with this huge project. And we should all raise a glass for the work undertaken by our webmaster Bradley Dixon who has had to get this whole thing up and ready for your reading pleasure. Thanks so much Bradley. Finally of course to all our contributors who make the World Poll possible, thank you all. We’ll be discussing the World Poll in the February edition of the Senses of Cinema Podcast, so look out for that – and if you haven’t yet subscribed or are interested in being a Patron of Senses of Cinema, head over to sensesofcinema.podbean.com, click on the icon on the left and all you need to know is right there for you.

Thanks again to all who contributed and assisted with this massive project, and welcome to the Senses of Cinema World Poll for 2018!

Mark Freeman


PART 1 >>

Antti Alanen
Francisco Algarín Navarro
Victor Alicea
Rowena Santos Aquino
Luke Aspell
Martyn Bamber
Michael Bartlett
Rhett Bartlett
Arta Barzanji
Raphaël Bassan
Conor Bateman
Gustavo Beck
Sean Bell
Malik Berkati
Giulia Bindi
Ken Bowes
Lukas Brasiskis
Samuel Bréan
Collin Brinkmann
Lisa Broad
Samantha Broadhead
Dan Browne
Buñuel in Mexico

PART 2 >>

Thomas Caldwell
Michael Campi
Nicolas Carrasco
Michael J. Casey
Celluloid Liberation Front
Jeremy Chamberlin
Daryl Chin
Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn
Roberta Ciabarra
Adam Cook
Jesús Cortés
Corey Cribb
Jordan Cronk
Fergus Daly
Adrian Danks
Brian Darr
Dustin Dasig
Robert Dassanowsky
Henri de Corinth
Erasmo de Meo
Nicholas de Villiers
Connor Denney
Wheeler Winston Dixon

PART 3 >>

William Edwards
Geronimo Elortegui
Kaya Erdinç
Eliú Escamilla
Fernando Chaves Espinach
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
Mark Freeman
Hugo Gamarra E.
Steve Gaunson
Sachin Gandhi
Flora Georgiou
Sean Gilman
Antony I. Ginnane
Shawn Glinis
Paul Douglas Grant
Jaime Grijalba

PART 4 >>

Lauren Carroll Harris
Andy Hazel
Glenn Heath Jr.
Michael Heath
Claire Henry
Jhon Hernandez
Marissa Hernandez
Alain Hertay
David Heslin
Lee Hill
Lili Hinstin
Jytte Holmqvist
Peter Hourigan
Cerise Howard
Brian Hu
Yue Huang
Christoph Huber
Darren Hughes
Parviz Jahed
Tara Judah
Ioannis Kanonakis
Daniel Kasman
Christopher Kearney
Nelson Kim
Rainer Knepperges
Jay Kuehner
Adam Kuntavanish

PART 5 >>

Eugenia Lai
Marc Lauria
Elaine Lennon
Raúl Liébana
Thomas Logoreci
Tara Lomax
Josh B. Mabe
Ioannis Makris
Bob Manning
Miguel Marias
Jack McCulloch
Brian McFarlane
Kenta McGrath
Olaf Möller
Marcel Müller
Peter Nagels
Boris Nelepo
Andy Norton
Darragh O’Donoghue
Roberto Oggiano
SvenErik Olsen

PART 6 >>

Nick P.
George Papadopoulos
Andreea Pătru
Yoana Pavlova
Jesse Percival
Antoni Peris Grao
Simon Petri-Lukács
Andréa Picard
Fidel Jesús Quirós
Christopher Llewellyn Reed
Bérénice Reynaud
Marina D. Richter
Daniel Ribas
Stuart Richards
Peter Rinaldi
Peter Rist
Kate Robertson
Melanie Robson
Eloise Ross
Julian Ross

PART 7 >>

Maria San Filippo
Christopher Sanda
José Sarmiento Hinojosa
Adrian Schober
Howard Schumann
Vladimir Seput
Christopher Sikich
Christopher Small
Jordan M. Smith
Ben Soper
Mark Spratt
Brad Stevens
Tyson Stewart
Iván Suárez
Eduardo Thomas
Josh Timmermann
Sharn Treloar
Gorazd Trušnovec
Donatella Valente
Kaj van Zoelen
Miha Veingerl
Noel Vera
Anupam Kant Verma
Peter Verstraten
Becca Voelcker
Sarah Ward
Algitya Widhiarso
Jason Wierzba
Virginia Wright Wexman
Barbara Wurm
Neil Young

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