To coincide with the 2013 Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), Senses of Cinema has commissioned a series of articles that cover two particularly important and vibrant strands of its vast program: a small retrospective devoted to the Italian giallo genre and various new Australian features and documentaries. This collection of articles provides fascinating insights into the handpicked selection of giallo classics featured in the program, ranging from the garishly propulsive works of Dario Argento to Elio Petri’s A Quiet Place in the Country and the Sydney-shot, The Pyjama Girl Case. The genre is also expertly contextualised by Alexia Kannas in her expansive introductory essay. This dossier also includes articles on several new Australian documentaries that explore the novel and film adaptation of On the Beach and its significance to Melbourne (Fallout), the difficult life of Sunnyboys lead singer Jeremy Oxley (The Sunnyboy), and the now declassified personal files and video surveillance footage secretly compiled by ASIO (Haydn Keenan’s fascinating Persons of Interest). The dossier kicks off with Rose Capp’s astute and appreciative reading of Mark Hartley’s remake of an Australian horror classic, Patrick, providing a neat link between the two diverse strands of this dossier.


Deep Red, 1975

Deep Red, 1975

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