Tsui Hark

Real name: Tsui Man-kwong. Born, 1951 in Vietnam. Moved to Hong Kong in 1966 for secondary school education. In 1969, went to the US to study at Southern Methodist University, Texas. Interrupted studies to travel around US for one year. Enrolled in Texas University, Austin, graduated 1975. Worked as co-cinematographer on the documentary From Spikes to Spindles (1976), directed by Christine Choy. Edited Chinatown newspaper in New York City, developed community theatre group (New Art Drama Group) and active in cable TV project Chinatown Community TV. Returned to Hong Kong 1977. Joined TVB, then CTV where he directed the martial arts series The Gold Dagger Romance which established his reputation. After collapse of CTV in 1978, moved into film. Film debut: Butterfly Murders (1979). 1984, founded Film Workshop Co. Ltd.

As director:

1979        Butterfly Murders
1980        We’re Going to Eat You
Dangerous Encounter – 1st Kind
1981        All the Wrong Clues (for the Right Solution)
1983        Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain
1984        Aces Go Places: Our Man in Bond Street
Shanghai Blues
1985         Working Class
1986         Peking Opera Blues
1989        A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon (also prod.)
1990        Swordsman (co.dir., prod.)
1991        The Raid (co-dir., also prod.)
Once Upon a Time in China (also co-scr.)
The Banquet (co-dir., also co-scr.)
1992        Twin Dragons (co.dir., also co-scr.)
The Master
Once Upon a Time in China, Part Two (also co-scr.)
1993        Once Upon a Time in China, Part Three (also co-scr.)
Green Snake (also co-scr.)
1994        The Lovers (also co.scr.)
Once Upon a Time in China, Part Five (also co.scr.)
1995        The Chinese Feast (also co-scr.)
Love in the Time of Twilight (also co-scr.)
The Blade (also co-scr., co-ed.)
1996        Tristar (also co-scr.)
1997        Double Team
1998        Knock Off
2000        Time and Tide
2001        Legend of Zu
Black Mask II: City of Masks

As producer:

1986        A Better Tomorrow (prod. only, dir. John Woo)
1987        A Chinese Ghost Story (prod. only, dir. Ching Siu-tung)
A Better Tomorrow II (prod. only, dir. John Woo)
1988        King of Chess (prod. only, dir. Yim Ho, released in 1992 with Tsui credited as co-dir.)
I Love Maria (act, co-prod. only, dir. Chung Chi-man)
1990        A Chinese Ghost Story II (prod. only, dir. Ching Siu-tung)
1991        A Chinese Ghost Story III (prod. only, dir. Ching Siu-tung)
1992        The Wicked City (prod. only, dir. Michael Mak)
Swordsman, Part Two (prod. only, dir. Ching Siu-tung)
New Dragon Inn (prod. only, also co-scr., dir. Raymond Lee)
1993        Swordsman III: The East is Red (prod. only, dir. Ching Siu-tung)
Once Upon a Time in China, Part Four (prod. only, also co-scr., dir. Yuen Ban)
The Magic Crane (prod. only, also co-scr., dir. Benny Chan)
Iron Monkey (prod. only, also co-scr., dir. Yuen Wo-ping)
1994        Burning Paradise (co-prod. only, dir. Ringo Lam)
1996        Shanghai Grand (prod. only, dir. Poon Man-kit)
Black Mask (prod., also co-scr., dir. Lee Yan-kong)
1997        Once Upon a Time in China and America (prod. only, dir. Sammo Hung)
A Chinese Ghost Story (animation, prod., also scr., dir. Andrew Chan)
2001        Master Q 2001 (prod. only, dir. Herman Yau)

About The Author

Stephen Teo's latest book Wong Kar-wai is published by the British Film Institute. He is the author of Hong Kong Cinema: The Extra Dimensions (London: British Film Institute, 1997) and is currently writing Johnnie Gets His Gun: The Action Films of Johnnie To, for the Hong Kong University Press.

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