It is the project here at Senses of Cinema that we love to present every single year – the annual World Poll. It’s a mammoth effort involving contributors from across the world from a wide range of film-centric arenas. It acts as a review, a testimonial, a thrown gauntlet, a celebration of what we watched and loved through 2019. And it’s a chanced to acknowledge and appreciate the incredible work from writers and directors and DoPs, producers, designers and animators from across the globe.

From a personal perspective, one of the things I love most about the World Poll is its looseness, the way that people reflect on their year in film and television in a fluid, borderless way. It doesn’t matter if the experience is a short or a feature, a contemporary blockbuster or a restoration from the silent era, or indeed a streamed or theatrical or DVD release: the World Poll celebrates it all. And then consider how the World Poll allows people to make sense of that year of experiences in any way that is meaningful for them – because let’s be honest, we all process our film experiences differently. As an example, have a look at the way Jeremy Chamberlain or Adrian Danks structure their submissions, and then look at how Darragh O’Donoghue or Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa have approached their lists. We have entries that take specific perspectives on national cinemas or film festivals, and others that construct wider perspectives on the year in film taking in trends and movements that have shaped the cinema. One thing is for sure, once you dive in, your next twelve months of catching up on what you missed is laid out before you. And however you want to use the positions in the World Poll are up to you. Fill out your diaries, add them to your Letterboxd watchlists, hunt for them at the cinemas or your streaming hub of choice, and share in this celebration of what 2019 brought to us.

It’s a tremendous pleasure to bring you the World Poll this year. And first and foremost thanks must go to the contributors cited here. I am overwhelmed every year with the passion with which you engage in this project and the breadth of your experiences: curators and academics and journalists and writers and PhD students and filmmakers and cinephiles. What a tremendous community of contributors we have to this, and I thank each and every one of you for making this such a joy each year. And to my fellow editors – Michelle Carey, Danny Fairfax, David Heslin and Cesar Albarran Torres – thanks for everything throughout 2019, and for continuing to bring the World Poll and Senses of Cinema to an audience and a community keen to engage in the world of screen culture. And finally, enormous thanks to Bradley Dixon, our fearless webmaster, who has worked tirelessly to bring this project to us all.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed and assisted with this incredible project for another year, and a warm welcome to the Senses of Cinema World Poll for 2019!

Mark Freeman


PART 1 >>

Asif Ahmed
Antti Alanen
Francisco Algarín Navarro
Victor Alicea
Rowena Santos Aquino
Martyn Bamber
Jennifer Lynde Barker
Christopher Barkman
Mike Bartlett
Rhett Bartlett
Arta Barzanji
Raphaël Bassan
Gustavo Beck
Sean Bell
Malik Berkati
Giulia Bindi
Hannu Björkbacka
Lukas Brasiskis
Collin Brinkmann
Samantha Broadhead
Brandon Bui
Buñuel In Mexico

PART 2 >>

Jose Cabrera Betancort
Thomas Caldwell
Michael Campi
Michelle Carey
Nicolas Carrasco
Michael J. Casey
Jeremy Chamberlin
Daryl Chin
Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn
Roberta Ciabarra
Jesús Cortés
Mark Cosgrove
Corey Cribb
Pedro Crispim
Jordan Cronk
Fergus Daly
Adam Daniel
Adrian Danks
Brian Darr
Dustin Dasig
Robert Dassanowsky
Henri De Corinth
Wheeler Winston Dixon

PART 3 >>

William Edwards
Geronimo Elortegui
John K. Emelianoff
Fernando Chaves Espinach
Ted Fendt
Adalberto Fonkén
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
Mark Freeman
Sachin Gandhi
Steve Gaunson
Flora Georgiou
Sean Gilman
Antony I. Ginnane
Shawn Glinis
Leonardo Goi
Jaime Grijalba

PART 4 >>

Michael Heath
Claire Henry
Alain Hertay
David Heslin
Lee Hill
Phil Hobbins-White
Jytte Holmqvist
Peter Hourigan
Brian Hu
Yue Huang
Christoph Huber
Parviz Jahed
Christopher Kearney
Nelson Kim
Rainer Knepperges
Jay Kuehner
Eugenia Lai
Marc Lauria
Elaine Lennon
Thomas Logoreci
Tara Lomax

PART 5 >>

Josh B Mabe
Ioannis Makris
Bob Manning
Miguel Marias
Jack Mcculloch
Joe Mcelhaney
Adrian D. Mendizabal
Jamie Mendonça
Stefano Miraglia
Olaf Möller
Marcel Müller
Peter Nagels
Andy Norton
Darragh O’Donoghue
Roberto Oggiano
Wilfred Okiche

PART 6 >>

Andreea Pătru
Yoana Pavlova
Jesse Percival
Antoni Peris-Grao
Fidel Jesús Quirós
Christopher Llewellyn Reed
Daniel Ribas
Stuart Richards
Peter Rist
Kate Robertson
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Eloise Ross
Julian Ross
Raju Roychowdhury

PART 7 >>

Maria San Filippo
Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa
Christine Sathiah
Adrian Schober
Howard Schumann
Christopher Sikich
Christopher Small
Rachel Small
Jordan M. Smith
Valerie Soe
Mark Spratt
Brad Stevens
Tyson Stewart
Iván Suárez

PART 8 >>

Josh Timmermann
John Tuttle
Donatella Valente
Koen Van Daele
Miha Veingerl
Peter Verstraten
Tom Vincent
Nicholas Vroman
David Walsh
Rick Warner
Jason Wierzba
Virginia Wright Wexman
Neil Young
Austé Zdanciuté

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