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Dear reader, we need your help to save the Senses of Cinema website

It’s an auspicious year for Senses of Cinema – we love publishing quarterly issues of our journal so much that we’ve been doing it non-stop for 20 years!

That’s over four and a half thousand articles that we’ve published, plus five years’ worth of our celebrated World Poll featuring contributions from anyone across the globe who wants to participate including you, our dear readers.

The Senses of Cinema website is holding a massive amount of past content which continues to grow by about 200 articles every year. It also means that the site is put under increasing strain.

It urgently needs an upgrade.

Our website requires many hours of work in order to completely rebuild the site and make it stable and accessible to everyone for years to come. That work won’t be possible without the support of our wonderful readers. While we’re already so grateful to our current patrons for their ongoing support of the journal and podcast, we now need one-off funds for this vital upgrade.

To continue to support an environment of intelligent, thoughtful, critical writing on film, screen and culture, please consider donating whatever you can.

How to contribute

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International readers:

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