Issue 31


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Welcome to Issue 31 of our journal!

For this issue, we considered launching a wide-ranging investigation into the current state of Australian film culture. Then we realised this would bore everyone to tears. The decline of public broadcasting, th...

Feature Articles

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Ford Till ’47

“The essential Ford composition is a person acting freely within a geometric space,” writes Gallagher in this close look at the first half of a great and complex career.

Festival Reports

Great Directors

Oshima, Nagisa

b. March 31, 1932, Kyoto, Japan d. January 15, 2013, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources I...

Book Reviews

CTEQ Annotations on Film

Politics and the Documentary

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Conversations with Emile de Antonio

An exemplary, early prototype of political documentary filmmaking, de Antonio's body of work is as vital today as it was in the past. Here, we are given insight into his views on filmmaking; the manner in which de Antonio funded his politically sensitive films; opponents and facilitators; and much, much more.

Australian Cinema