Originally published in Senses of Cinema issue 1, December 1999.

Senses of Cinema is an online film journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema. It has been set up to address a gap in local discourse, through facilitating and encouraging such discussion. It is unique in its eclecticism: it encourages articles of all styles (casual, academic, personal, poetic), analytical approaches (thematic, psychoanalytic, etc) and subject matter. The only criteria or values that underlie all articles are that they are passionate, serious, intelligent, insightful or interesting reflections and/or analyses on the topic of cinema.

Senses of Cinema is particularly committed to discussing art, independent, experimental and third world cinemas (everything from Renoir to Antonioni to Oshima to Morrissey to Jost to Friedrich to Snow, feature films as well as short films) , theorising new encounters with digital technologies, and promoting writing that increases one’s understanding and appreciation of cinema.

The journal aims to achieve a mix between established writers and emerging writers, theorists, general un-trained cinephiles, film-makers, local and international writers.

Senses of Cinema recognises that an object as ephemeral and ethereal as cinema continues to fascinate, to provoke, to inspire, to turn on, to evolve. And it is in relation to this object that we seek to facilitate and encourage expression and appreciation.