11.25: The Day He Chose His Own Fate


Love, Death, Truth–Amour by Roy Grundmann
The Way Wakamatsu Chose His Own Fate: Political Mortality and Radical Dramaturgy by Philip Brophy
Quotidian Melancholy: Marcel Hanoun’s Une simple histoire by Philip Cartelli
A Conversation with Nicolas Rey by Darren Hughes
The Kids Are Not All Right: Fanny and Alexander Thirty Years Later by Marc Saint-Cyr
“One day, the swan sang this with its wings”: An Interview with Teresa Villaverde by Ela Bittencourt
To Accept the Unacceptable: Reflections on Three Films by Teresa Villaverde by Ela Bittencourt
‘Chromatic Frankenstein’s Monsters?’: Restoration, Colour and Variants of Georges Méliès’s Voyage dans la Lune by Wendy Haslem
The Films of James Gray: Old Testament Narratives by Robert Alpert
The Yet Unclaimed Baggage of Robert Zemeckis’ Flight by Joseph Natoli
Wild and Precious –A Film by Bill Mousoulis by Fiona Villella
Bref Magazine, or, A Tribute to Short Films and thus to the Cinema in General by Viviane Vagh
The Desire and the Exception by Jacques Kermabon
Andrew Sarris: The Last of a Kind by John Conomos

Great Directors

Shirley Clarke by Angelo Koutsourakis

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